Department Activities

1. Technical Event – Mechanium 2K17 under MESA
2. Industrial Visits
Sr. No. Class Faculty Coordinator Date Location
1 S.E. Prof. S. H. Shinde 7/10/2017 Indrani Technocrafts, Shiroli MIDC Kolhapur
2 T.E. Prof. S. S. Bhate 22/03/2018 Dynamic Hydraulics, Shiroli MIDC Kolhapur
3 T.E. Prof. P. V. Patil 22/03/2018 Shivprasad, Shiroli MIDC Kolhapur
4 B.E. Prof. Faras . M. S. 26/03/2018 GOA SHIP YARD
5 B.E. Prof. S. S. Methe and Prof. A.V. Mulik 5/02/2018 Suzlon Wind Power plant, Satara
6 T. E. Prof. A. V. Shinde 24/03/2018 Rocket Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Shiroli MIDC Kolhapur
7 TE Mr. P. B. Pawar 01/10/2019 R. N. D. Industries, Shiroli Kolhapur
8 BE Mr. H. T. Kekare 12/10/2019 Trendy Wheel Mahindra, MIDC, Shirol
3. Guest/ Expert Lectures:
Sr. No. Name of Resource Person Topic Date Targeted Audience
1 Mr. Ganesh Lad Future Opportunities in Indian Industry 21/07/2017 B.E.
2 Prof. M. M. Wagh Energy Audit 05/09/2017 B.E. and Staff
3 Mr. Mark Martin Barclay L1 and L2 07/09/2017 To 08/09/2017 B.E.
4 Prof. Rohit Patil Theory of Machines I 19/03/2018 S.E.
5 Mr. Shrikant Bidwai ANSYS 05/07/2018 BE Mechanical
6 Mr. Pramod Telve Solid Works 16/07/2018 TE & BE Mechanical
7 Mr. R. G. Joshi Advance Measuring Instruments 23/07/2019 TE &BE Mechanical
8 Mr. Dhaval Bagawade   Software Analysis 19/09/2019 TE & BE Mechanical
i. ANSYS by Mr. Shrikant Bidwai (CAD-CAM guru)
ii. Entrepreneurship and skill development by Manish Patil
  1. Value Added Course
Sr. No. Name of Resource Person Course Date Targeted Audience
1 R. E. Kumbhar & P. S. Telave Soild Work Software. 10/08/2018 to 28/12/2018 T.E & B.E Mechanical
  Solid Work Software training for TE and BE Mechanical students from 10/08/2018 to 28/12/2018.