From HOD’s Desk

 Prof. M. S. Faras
Head of Department

The Mechanical Engineers implements the fundamental principles of energy, materials and mechanics to design, manufacture and maintain machines and devices. With the use of fine mechanical concepts and mathematics, they design the processes and systems that run an Industry fluently. The Department intends to provide practical industry based technical and professional education to the students. The well qualified and experienced faculties from our department are involved in shaping Industry-ready Engineers by cultivating them with inputs from various basic and specialized subjects. Practical education is not only bounded to mechanical field but also indulged in Automation field. The Versatile projects, seminars, training sessions as well as technical visits to industries and expert lectures from industrial persons creates wide potential and builds confidence among the students enabling them to withstand & handle practical problems in their careers. The Department also arranges the workshops which motivates the students becoming an Entrepreneur. The students and faculty members are effectively participating in number of national and international publications. We have maintained culture of our department such that it bridges the gap between the Students and the Teachers. The Department has well equipped laboratories such as Strength of Materials Lab, Theory Of Machine Lab, Heat& Mass Transfer Lab, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab, Internal Combustion Engines Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Fluid & Turbo Machinery Lab, Automobile Lab, CAD Lab, CNC Machines Lab, Metrology & Quality control Lab, Testing & Measurement Lab, Noise & Vibration Lab, Metallurgy Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab etc.

Engineers of our department will be able to explore their career in their profession with great technical and managerial capabilities, without disturbing Professional Ethics.