Faculty Achievements

Sr.No.Name of FacultyName of ProgrammeDate Attended / PresentedVenue
1S.H.ShindeDesign considerations for biogas operated intake device(Mechpgcon 2016)26/05/2016PresentedD.Y.PATIL Engineering & Technology PUNE
2M.V.BhujbalRecent Trends In Mechanical EngineeringMay 6, 2016PresentedWalchand College Of Engineering Kolhapur
3S.H.ShindeOverview of Design considerations for biogas operated intake deviceMay 6, 2016PresentedIJRPET ,PUNE
4M.S.FarasWheel analysis of winch machine gear box using experiment & FEA18/11/2015PresentedZEAL college pune
5A.V Mulik Simulation & Analysis Of Automotive Engins Timing Silent Chain System30/01/2016PresentedD.Y.PATIL Engineering & Technology Kolhapur
6A.V Mulik Ocean Thermal Engrgy Conversion24/01/2016PresentedD.Y.PATIL Engineering & Technology Kolhapur
7R.S.Kerlekar Mechpgcon 2015 20/07/2015PresentedFlora Institution & Technology Pune
8B. B. FarandeInternational conference on modern era research in mechanical Engineering 2016.29/09/2016PrsesentedRIT, Sakharale, Islampur
9B. B. FarandeNational conference on product modeling simulation and manufacturing 2016September 9, 2016PrsesentedMMMIT, Lohgaon, Pune